What is pop?

When I think of pop, I think of the catchy beats and them making you want to dance. Pop is considered the most popular thing in that specific time period. It is exhibited through the mass media such as TV’s, radios, computers, commercials, ect. Most of the time pop is aimed towards the younger generations because it creates a whole other desired universe.

What is the right balance between pop culture and high culture?

Pop culture and high culture are two completely different things. Pop culture is the easier one to understand while high culture is considered to be much harder to comprehend. High culture is aimed towards the upper class people using amazing paintings or music that has meaning behind it. The right balance to have between these two would be learning a lot about the high culture because it can give a better educational experience. Many young people don’t like high culture because they think it is “too fancy” or “too old-fashioned.” Yes one can like the pop culture, but it’s usually not the reality and it is proven that the music you listen to can affect your entire life and personality.

Does each generation bring something new to a remake, or is something lost in time?

Eventually, the remake of the original will be lost in time. In the beginning, the older generations can see or hear the new generations “new culture” and think that is the worst thing they have ever heard; the newer generations think of the complete opposite about the older ones. Furthermore, the newer generations will forget the older ones and it will be considered lost in time. It will not be considered popular anymore, this process will proceed every single time something new comes around.