Every now and then one will see a boy sitting at a table alone with their lunch seeming as if they don’t have any friends. The majority of the kids will believe that he is some weirdo that no one wants to talk to. But really he is someone who doesn’t have corn pone opinions. He doesn’t care about the new iPhone that is coming out this December or all of the new electronics. He says their opinions are corn-pone. What is exactly corn-pone?

“OMG did you hear about the new iPhone that is coming out next winter? I’m calling my mom right now to go and pre order it for me!”

“No way me too girl.”

Today, the iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the planet. Apple products in general are extraordinarily popular. Corn-pone. Throwback to when everyone had the blackberry, or the razor, or the phone with the keyboard that you flipped up. Corn-pone.

It all began with the first iPhone that came out (iPhone 3). She walks in the room and everyone notices the cool apps, and the cute shape, and the cute cases that come with it and the apple product in general. In the next couple of weeks you see almost everyone showing up with their new iPhone 3’s. They start getting popular. Corn-pone. No one could resist the conformity that took place nor could they even see it coming. Conformity is a natural instinct within society. So, what do you mean by conformity? I mean that everyone in the world has gone through conformity and makes them feel self approval. I give an example of myself; most of the time when I go shopping I will find pictures on Pinterest to pick the right kinds of outfits I want to purchase. I go by what all of these girls wear and think is cute just so I can obtain self approval.

Is this what this world has come to? Are we just a bunch of followers? If so, then who are we really following?

My argument starts to run parallel to what Twain is trying to say. Americans nowadays do not think for themselves and if they do it is a very rare thing to find. Everyone is just following a group of people with the same ideas and ideas that they feel will get them self approval.